Corn Forever

Dear Carolyne,

First and foremost, congratulations on your new job! I am very excited for this new chapter in your life, though I will miss receiving postcards featuring busty opera singers.

Now her breasts are talking to God.
Now her breasts are talking to God.

While you are busy moving many states away from your current location (but also many states closer to me!), I made a pilgrimage to the motherland. That’s right. I went home to Iowa.

Well, not home exactly. I went to north eastern Iowa for my aunt Linnea’s 60th birthday celebration, then on to the river to stay with some friends. The celebration was lovely, even though my mom forgot the dates and couldn’t be there and I only saw Grandma Pat for a few minutes. We mostly drank beer and sat around a campfire, which it 100% cool with me.

While home in Iowa, I made it a priority to buy (of course) corn, which is in season. I am 100% a corn snob. I won’t buy it up here in Minnesota, claiming it is simply not as good (it’s not).

The essentials.
The essentials.

Okay, I did get some elote recently from the Sonora Grill, and it was good purely because it was smothered with all kinds of stuff. The corn itself still did not match up.

Alotta elote.
Alotta elote.

So anyway, I brought corn back with me to Minneapolis and cooked it up tonight. My original plan was to eat a few ears, save a few ears for Drew, and then use the rest in this bacon corn salad recipe I found. However, I’ve already eaten half of what I bought and Drew’s not even home yet.


Do you remember the first time you realized you didn’t have to eat how your parents ate? To this day it is one of the happiest things about adulthood I can name. Not that we ate poorly or anything, but it’s just so nice to realize that you don’t have to do anything a certain way because that’s how mom did it or whatever. Also, I never have to eat boiled dinner (kielbasa and new potatoes boiled together with, like, no seasoning) again. I hate you, boiled dinner.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that of course it is fine and delicious to just put butter and salt on your sweet corn. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

Instead, tonight I made a pesto compound butter and sprinkled my corn with pecorino romano. I have no pictures of this because I inhaled it.

For the pesto butter, I used about a 1:1 ration of pesto to butter, and added in about a half tsp of cayenne for subtle heat.

This picture is not attractive, but trust me, this stuff was delicious.
This picture is not attractive, but trust me, this stuff was delicious.

I am now corned out until next year, and I seriously doubt there will be leftovers once Drew gets home.

I hope your move goes smoothly! I can’t wait to hear about your new city and new job.

Love and sweet corn,



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